OKUAMA KILLING: DOPF Condoles The Bereaved, Calls For Restraint In The Wake Of Tragic Losses


The Delta Online Publishers Forum (DOPF) has extended its heartfelt condolences to the Nigerian Army and the Okuama community over the gruesome and devastating loss of lives in recent tragic and unfortunate incidents. 

The Forum, in a statement issued by the Chairman, Emmanuel Enebeli and Secretary, Shedrack Onitsha, noted that the heinous killing of 17 military personnel and the subsequent collateral damages which had consumed many civilians in a frenzy of reprisal attacks, deeply saddened and diminished the  human race.

“As we seek swift justice for the gallant fallen heroes, we equally emphasize the importance of upholding rules of engagement and established judicial procedures, especially as defined in democratic systems. 

“With Nigeria not in a state of war or widespread civil unrest, it is imperative that operations prioritize citizens’ rights and safety. 

“We urge immediate dialogue between government authorities and the military to facilitate access to Okuama community for humanitarian assessment and aid distribution. 

“Additionally, a thorough investigation into the immediate and remote causes of the Okuama conflict, as already directed by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, must necessarily include alleged cases of extra-judicial killings during military operations, which will not only be crucial to uphold justice and maintain public trust, but also hopefully serve as a watershed reference in addressing subsequent brewing conflicts of similar symptomatic indices across the country.

“Our thoughts are with the military and Okuama community in this difficult time. Let us unite in our commitment to ensuring integrity, accountability, and respect for human rights for the betterment of our nation” the statement said.

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