The immediate past Executive Chairman, and by the grace of God the Chairman in waiting of Ndokwa West Local Government, Hon Dr (Chief) Goddey Obi Nzete, has proved himself a patriotic and selfless leader in the three years he presided over the affairs of the Council.

Chief Nzete came, saw and significantly conquered the numerous socioeconomic challenges facing the people of Ndokwa West, having delivered most of his campaign promises within his limited time at his disposal.

Though his 3-year tenure could not be said to be completely without flaws, the PDP Chieftain, through the thick and thin of local government administration, was able to record some notable landmark achievements, which have left his name written boldly in the sands of time.

They include:


1. Constructed an Ultra-modern secretariat complex in the Ndokwa-west Local Government Council.

2. Fenced the entire perimeter of the Ndokwa West Local Government Council Secretariat.

3. Ensured the completion of the ultra-modern for abattoir at Utagba-Ogbe.

4. Constructed two new blocks of open stores at Obi-Ukpo market, with each of them having ten compartments.

5. Reconstructed the Ndokwa-West Nursery and Primary School in Utagba-Ogbe, alongside its perimeter fencing.

6. Reconstructed and refurbished the Etua Primary Health Centre, Etua.

7. Reconstructed and fenced the Etua police station, Etua.

8. Completed the construction and furnishing of the modern Utagba-Uno town hall.

9. Renovated the Legislative Arm complex of Ndokwa West Local Government Council. 

10. Renovated the Obi-Ogwa of Emu-Uno community.

11. Renovated the Obi-Ogwa of Ogbe-Ogume community.

12. Filled the burrow pit along the perimeter fence of the Council secretariat as a hazard preventive measure.

13. Sand-filled and graded many roads in Utagba-Uno, Ndemili, Umusedeli-Ogbe, Etua-Oliogo, Akakpani, Etua, Utagba-Uno, Onich-Ukwuani, Ulogwe-Isumpe, Abbi communities among others.

14. Opened roads in Ugiliamai and Osissa to ease navigation setbacks.

15. Provided solar light at Emu-Ebendo and various choice locations in Abbi clan. 

16. Furnished the new administrative building in the Ndokwa-West Council secretariat.

17. Landscaped the Council secretariat for ease of navigation and as an environmental hazard preventive measure.

18. Renovated and reinvigorated the water scheme at Ulogwe-Isumpe community.

19. Renovated the NULGE building in Ndokwa-West Council secretariat.

20. Constructed four compartments of public toilets alongside the installation of mono-pumps across all INEC wards in Ndokwa-West LGA. 

This particular project became a necessity following a law passed by the Legislative Arm,  prohibiting open defecation in the LGA.

21. Renovated the Obi-Ogwa of Umusadege Clan in Utagba-Uno community.

22. Constructed a royal road way entrance in Ndemili community.

23. Renovated the Obi-Ogwa in Amoji community.

24. Renovated the Obi-Ogwa in Ugiliamai community.

25. Constructed four units of open market stores in Ogbe-Ogume community.

26. Constructed a 0.9m by 8m ring culvert in Igbenta, Igbe-Ogume community.

27. Constructed a bus stop park and renovated the roundabout in Emu-Ebendo community.

28. Installed Indian hand mono-pumps across DSIEC Wards 1-6, 15-19 respectively In Ndokwa West LGA.

29. Renovated the ICT center in the Ndokwa West Council secretariat.

30. Constructed the general staff convenience in the Council secretariat.


Peace and security are the principal bedrocks for meaningful developments in any locality.

With this in mind, the Nzete administration accorded due attention to peace building and enhancement of security in the following ways.

1. Enhanced working synergy among the security agencies in Ndokwa West LGA.

2. Organized capacity building seminars and workshops for local security operatives and provided them with modern security gadgets for increased efficiency.

3. Restored peace and security in various challenged communities.

4. Bolstered intercommunity relationships, especially between troubled communities.

5. Organized monthly and emergency Security Council meetings, primarily centered on improving security.

6. Ensured the restoration of peace to troubled areas through technical and timely  dialogue.

7. Ensured effective community policing in the Council Area.

8. Provided incentives and safety for all vital security information providers.

9. Ensured incentives were given to all security teams for their successful and  completed tasks.

10. Ensured containment and policing of the activities of herders in the LGA.

11. Ensured peaceful coexistence between local farmers and herders.


1. Ensured payment of teaching and non teaching staff salaries and other benefits as and when due.

2. Improved on the existing teaching and non-teaching workforce in all government owned primary schools across Ndokwa West LGA.

3. Provided  writing materials to selected schools in the LGA.

4. Organized monthly meetings between the Council, stakeholders, education authority, Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) among others.

5. Encouraged a continuous enlightenment campaign for pupils and students against cultism and drug abuse.

6. Provided chairs and tables for both pupils and teachers in various government owned primary schools.


1. Ensured regular and monthly environmental sanitations.

2. Evacuated illegal refuse dump sites in Utagba-Ogbe and other communities.

3. Procured and provided refuse bins at strategic locations.

4. Organised regular desilting of drains in the LGA.

5. Ensured regular awareness campaign against building on water ways to avert heavy impact of flooding.

6. Procured a refuse truck for environmental sanitation purposes.

7. Initiated the regular clearing of road demarcation at the express road, mainly within Ndokwa West LGA.

8. Organized regular fumigation exercises across the LGA, especially government owned facilities like the Council secretariat, public schools, hospitals and markets.

9. Ensured that fumigation exercises were carried out by private business operators within their business premises at regular intervals.


1. Ensured that the Federal Government’s cash support of #20,000 each to the most vulnerable got to the target beneficiaries.

2. Ensured that the girl child empowerment program succeeded in the LGA.

3. Ensured that the distribution of palliatives from Local, State and Federal Government got to the target beneficiaries.

4. Empowered over 50 persons across Ndokwa West LGA with #50,000 financial support on a  monthly basis for a period of 12 months.


1. Ensured the proper management of Ndokwa West Council farm, especially the palm oil plantation.

2. Provided palliatives and seedlings to farmers affected by flood in 2022.


1. Provided hospital equipment to selected Primary Healthcare Centres and cottage hospitals.

2. Ensured the containment of various viral deceases outbreak through sensitization and strict adherence to precautionary measures by locals and residents

3. Encouraged effective collaboration with various government agencies to promote healthcare. 

4. Organized regular meetings with PHA (Primary Health Authority) with the sole purpose of improving performance and enhancing service delivery.

5. Ensured that immunization programmes were all-encompassing and implemented without reserves.


1. Ensured an unalloyed support and sponsorship of Ndokwa West sports team.

2. Maintained peaceful transition processes for all youth bodies in Ndokwa West LGA.

3. Organized regular awareness campaigns against cultism and drug abuse for the youths.

4. Ensured 50% mandatory slots for the youths under the first year monthly cash grants for 12 months. 


1. Paid staff salaries and other benefits as and when due.

2. Ensured a conducive working atmosphere.

3. Improved the working synergy between the three arms of government.

4. Enhanced quality of service delivery by staff and contractors alike for good results.

5. Organized various capacity building seminars and workshops for staff and political appointees of the Local Government to improve service delivery.

6. Ensured the continuity of projects brought forward from previous administration.

7. Renovated the office of the LGA Executive Vice Chairman.

8. Renovated the office of SLG.

9. Procured new official vehicles for principal officers’ administrative uses.

10. Procured a brand new hiace bus for NULGE, Ndokwa West chapter.

11. Replaced the damaged iron doors and windows and purchased lawn mowers for four selected public primary schools

12. Organized periodic capacity building seminars and workshops for staff and the political class in the council.

13. Extended philanthropic gestures to recognized orphanages in Ndokwa West LGA.

14. Ensured yearly colourful observance of special days such as children’s day, armed forces remembrance day celebrations, etc.

15. Extended financial support to various organizations.

16. Cleared all Council’s indebtedness and others.

These good works of indefatigable and workaholic Chief Obi-Nzete have further endeared him to the leaders and electorate of Ndokwa West LGA. 

Chief Nzete is particularly thankful to the people of Ndokwa West for their patience, support and understanding of the people of Ndokwa West for his administration over the past three years of being in the saddle.

He believes that more is achievable if given the opportunity of a second term.



~Obi-Nzete Media

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