Billionnaire politician, Prince Ned Nwoko’s mother-inlaw, Chief (Hon) Dr Rita Daniels Chukwuji, has been admitted to the Order of the Black African Knights of Rasta Fari Haile Selassie.

The Order is a knighthood promoted by the Africa Indigenous Religions Committee of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

The investiture of Dame Rita Daniels, who was also appointed the IHRC Special Representative Envoy to the African Union on Community Development Service, was performed by a delegation of the Africa Region Headquarters of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Nairobi, Kenya.

In his remarks, the Director of the Africa Region Headquarters, Geneva, Dr. (Sir) Tivlumun Innocent Ahure, said the investiture of the popular Nollywood Actress, Movie Producer, Politician, Investor and Entrepreneur, was in appreciation for her interest in promoting the priorities and agenda of the Committee on African Indigenous Religions.

He said as a Special Representative Envoy to the African Union on Community Development Service, Rita Daniels would handle matters relating to Africa renaissance and serve as the Chief Diplomat of the Black Africa Knights of the Order Rasta Fari Emperor Haile Selassie.

Dr. Tivlumun Ahure noted that Dame Rita Daniels had been a long-standing African woman leader committed to promoting interfaith understanding and defending freedom of religion, which the African Indigenous Religions Committee of the IHRC was set to achieve.

In her acceptance speech, the new Knight thanked the African Indigenous Religions Committee and the Africa Region Headquarters of the IHRC for the recognition accorded her, which she said was a call to focus on the dreams and vision of the UN interfaith and harmony.

Dame Rita Daniels, who promised to institute an award for interfaith unity for peace revival and reconciliation in Africa, also thanked the Chairman of the IHRC Africa Indigenous Religions Committee, Dr (Sir) Valentine Akpati, for his commitment to the defence of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, tolerance and diversity, which were necessary for societal and global peace and harmony.

She said the realities on ground across the globe were indicative of a world in crisis, with the forces of division and hate finding fertile ground in a landscape marred by injustices and conflicts, adding that divisions were widening between the rich and poor, North and South, developed and emerging economies, just as political, social and economic tension was rising.

Dame Rita Daniels, however, noted that though global challenges appeared threatening, optimism was powerful, progress possible and perseverance critical towards achieving a brighter future for Africa.

Speaking in separate interviews, the Grand Protector of the Realm of the Order of Rasta Fari Emperor Haile Selassie and Paramount Ruler of the Royal Traditional Priesthood Federation Kingdom, Dr (Sir) Valentine Akpati; the Obi of Ubulu-Unor, HRM Henry Kikachukwu; the Chairman of Aniocha South Local Government, Hon Pastor Jude Chukwunwike and a retired Permanent Secretary in the state, Chief Emma Okafor; congratulated Dame Rita Daniels on her new status, saying that she should work hard to justify the confidence reposed in her. 

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