Have you ever wondered why some persons would suddenly slump and die even when they look hale and hearty?

A medical expert and Medical Law teacher at the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Prof Leroy Chuma Edozien, has identified one of the causes as a not too well known health condition called Thrombosis, or in simple terms, blood clot, which could be a risk factor in other health conditions like COVID – 19, obesity,  cancer, diabetes, among others, and could also present in pregnant women and after major medical procedures.

Thrombosis, according to him, could occur in the vein or artery, impeding free circulation of blood in the blood vessels and could get dislodged from different parts of the body to the lungs or heart, causing severe health problems or sudden death.

The University don listed the cause of thrombosis to include sitting or laying down for a long time, as well as family history which could genetically predispose one to the condition.

He said to prevent thrombosis, people should walk around after sitting or lying down for long, either during land, air travels or while on sick bed; drink enough water to hydrate their bodies, take blood thinning injections, tablets at regular intervals and wear compression stockings.

Prof Leroy Edozien, who holds a Bachelor,’s and Postgraduate degrees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Medical Law, regretted the low level of awareness of the condition, stressing that medical professionals must rise up to the occasion by complying with the guidelines for the assessment of the risk of thrombosis to reduce the fatality rate of the condition.

The Ubilikankwu of Asaba revealed that he had started a Facebook campaign to create awareness of the condition, while the World Thrombosis Day was being celebrated annually to further keep the public abreast of the condition.

Speaking further on other causes of sudden death, the medical practitioner advised members of the public, especially the elderly, against jumping out of bed in the night to urinate without first sitting on the bed for a few minutes, explaining that doing so could cut supply of blood to the brain, leading to dizziness and a slump which could result in death.

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