EDO: Shaibu Pledges Loyalty To Obaseki, Angry With PDP


EDO State Deputy Governor, Comrade Phillip Shai­bu, has debunked reports that he is unhappy with his boss, Gov­ernor Godwin Obaseki.

Speaking in an interview on Channels Television pro­gramme on Monday, Shaibu, how­ever, said there were issues in PDP that needed to be resolved.

He said, “I am happy with my Governor and I have no problem with him. So, the issue of not being happy with my Governor is not there. I remain absolute­ly loyal to him, but there are issues that we need to resolve over PDP”.

There was disquiet in Edo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday over reports that Comrade Phillip Shaibu has concluded plans to dump the party following alleged rift over matters bordering on running of the state.

It was gathered that Shaibu’s grouse centred on the refusal of the State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, to appoint a cabinet one year after his election into office for a second term.

Shaibu was said to have had series of meeting during his vacation abroad where the plan to quit PDP was hatched.

A close confidant of the Deputy Governor, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Shaibu had been appealing to the Governor to appoint those who laboured for their victory in the last governorship elec­tion, but Obaseki would not budge.

He said, “Yes, that is the true position of things now. He is leaving the PDP. Many people in Edo State are not happy that there is no cabinet in place one year after the Gov­ernor was sworn in for second term. For one year, those who voted and suffered to give the Governor victory are not yet appointed.

“The Deputy Governor is not fighting for himself; he is fighting for the masses. He is addressed as a ‘comrade’ be­cause that is what his life is all about; fighting for the mass­es and demanding justice for the oppressed in the society. He has been prevailing on the Governor to appoint peo­ple who worked for him but he (Obaseki) has refused to listen.

“Many people spent money, risked their lives while some sold their property to mobilise for the Governor’s victory in the last election, yet they are now left in the lurch after the Governor secured victory.

“We have somebody here who resigned from Abuja and came here to work for the Governor. The person has not been paid salaries for over one year now. Some mar­riages were broken because the husband was supporting Ize-Iyamu while the wife was backing Obaseki and today all these people who went through all these to give you victory are not appointed.

“The whole of Edo State is ready to die with the Deputy Governor on this matter. They will follow him anywhere he is going. Just like they were passionate about Obaseki and disconnected them­selves from Oshiomhole, it is the same way they have dis­connected themselves from Obaseki today.

“This is the first time in the history of this country where a government will not appoint a cabinet in one year. By 19th of this month, it will be exact­ly one year that we had the governorship election. There is no justification for him not to appoint a cabinet.

“There is wild jubilation in Edo now over reports that the Deputy Governor wants to leave. Many people believe the Governor is acting like a dictator.

“People are saying it is good that the Deputy Gover­nor should separate himself so that people will not use what is happening now to condemn his political future that it is he and the governor who connived to deny people of appointments”.

There are fears that if Shai­bu eventually defects from the PDP, he may be impeached by the House of Assembly which is firmly under Obaseki’s con­trol.

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