This year’s cultural events heralding the eating of new yam in Ogwashi – Uku kingdom were rounded off yesterday with the celebration of the Ineh festival by the Iyase of Ogwashi Uku, Chief Michael Nwaukoni.

Cultural troupes from within and outside the Ogwashi – Uku kingdom performed at the Iyase’s palace in Agidiase quarters, while friends of the traditional Prime Minisrer came in their large numbers in solidarity with him.

The Iyase, dressed in his traditional regalia, later led a dance procession through the streets of the community to the palace of the traditional ruler of Ogwashi – Uku at Ogbe – Nti Obi to pay him homage.

Speaking on the significance of the festival, Chief Nwaukoni thanked God for a successful planting season that gave rise to a bountiful harvest of yams celebrated by the people, climaxing in the Ineh festival.

The Iyase said the annual event provided an opportunity for the people to reinvigorate their cultural heritage and renew their love for one another, adding that the peaceful celebration of this year’s festival was indicative of the people’s resolve to live as one.

He commended the youths of Ogwashi – Uku for their resourcefulness and peaceful disposition and promised to remain a good ambassador of the community.

Some of the dignitaries who spoke on the occasion, including Chief Chukwuka Eboji, Chief Fred Majemite, Honourable Talib Tebite and the President General of the Agidiase Youth Association, Mr John Nwona, described Chief Nwaukoni as a renowned philanthropist, a bridge builder, and a peace loving communty leader, who had championed the cause of development in Ogwashi – Uku kingdom beyond imagination.

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