A former Bank worker and Usher in a renowned pentecostal church, one Mr. Oyemike Innocent Sabastine, accused of being a wizard is on the run after he was alleged to have bewitched the Bank manager to gain favour to the detriment of his colleagues.

It was gathered that Sabastine who struggled to train himself in the university after he lost his patents, secured a Bank job in Marina Lagos, but his craft pit him against his colleagues which led to his sack by the management of the old generation bank.

Moving forward, he decided to go into fish farming, in Abuja where he joined the Papals Ground Association of fish farmers and started growing rapidly in the business to the suspicion and envy of other members of the association.

Rumors of Sabastine being a Wizard started gaining ground among the Fish Farmers, some of whom alleged that  Sabastine was using his wizardry to cause misfortune in their business.

The fish farmers were said to have engaged the services of a witch doctor who prepared a concoction for the suspect to drink to ascertain whether he was a wizard or not.

On drinking the substance, he was alleged to have confessed to being a wizard which he used to afflict people. 

Sabastine was saved from drinking the concoction a second time by his pastor who advised him to decline based on his Christian faith, as doing do would lead to his blood being spilled to cleanse the land.

Though Sabastine had been arrested by security operatives, he was assisted to escape by some youths who protested his arrest, while members of his immediate family also relocated to an unknown destination for fear of unpleasant consequences.

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