The people of Isaba Community in Warri south west local government area of Delta State have protested against an allegation by Aladja Community of Udu local government area that it abducted one Kevwe Michael, an indigene of Aladja.

In a press statement signed by Mr Henry Ofoleyon and Austin Deinfegha, Chairman and Secretary of Isaba Central Government, Isaba community frowned at media reports fanning the embers of crisis which they described as a ploy to truncate the peace deal recently brokered by the state government between both communities.

Isaba people, while outlining events which transpired in the alleged abduction, sued for the sustenance of the new found peace as both communities should not be the epicentre of crisis in the state.

The statement entitled, “KEVWE MICHAEL WAS NOT ABDUCTED BY ISABA PEOPLE”, as obtained by this medium states thus:

“Our attention has been drawn to an online publication of 22nd January 2020 with the caption “Tension in Delta as Isaba Abducts an Aladja man” and we wish to correct the erroneous impression and misrepresentation of facts deliberately fabricated in the said publication.

We do not intend to join issues with Aladja and their obvious insincerity to the peace process by refusing to open up the road leading to Isaba, but to state the unassailable facts of what transpired on the 22nd of January 2020.

We have severally reported the ungodly behaviours of Aladja Youths, always coming to destroy our farmlands, vandalizing the power lines from Aladja to Isaba to the knowledge of their leaders, particularly Mr. Ogbiravita Otto, who is the President General of Aladja Community.

On that faithful day, on hearing the sound of a motor saw in our Community (Isaba), some boys went to the scene and saw some Aladja Indigenes cutting down our Economic trees (Rubber Plantation).

When they were asked to explain the reason for the provocative action, they said, no permission was needed from Isaba people since there was a peace agreement.
The armless Isaba boys that met them saw this unwholesome act as another ploy by Aladja people to cause confusion that might lead to a break down of the peace process.

As peace loving people, strong believers of Governor Okowa’s peace initiative, we rushed down to the scene and called the Aladja Community President General to come and see what his people were doing.

He told us to wait that he would like to be accompanied by security operatives.
We waited until he came with some soldiers and the DPO of Warri south west local government area and we handed over Mr Kevwe Michael and the items to them in the presence of the security men.

We made it abundantly clear to them on the spot that we believed in the peace process, but that the incessant encroachment, invasion and wanton destruction of our farms and farmlands should stop.

Since no sacrifice is too much for the desired peace, we feel we should be informed of any of their legitimate agricultural activities in our community.

This was what happened. To turn around and come up with such spurious allegation of abduction is another calculated attempt to hoodwink the public which we consider as a strategy of war.

Brothers may quarrel, but now that we are into the peace process we need to be truthful and have the fear of God in our dealings with each other for the peace to be holistic and genuine.”

It will be recalled that in September 2019, a landmark peace was brokered by the Delta State Government where Aladja and Isaba communities signed a pact to end their 43 months feud.

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